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We have included some articles that may be of help to our buyers and visitors.  The first and most important is how to find a reputable breeder when you are shopping for a puppy. There are many puppy mills and backyard breeders out there that will sell you a puppy that will bring you heartache and many expenses on health issues. Its vitally important to pick the right breeder with a good reputation and good bloodlines.

I hope these are helpful as you search for your beautiful new puppy.


Raw Feeding

After years of research and trying to find the very best food for our dogs I soon discovered that raw feeding is the healthiest choice. In the wild, a dog would not go and eat wheat, beans and fruits. they would go catch a rabbit, right? Well, it was a “duhh” moment for me. I began to research options. For a while we took the time to cut up chicken and organ meat to give them. It was a LOT of work and very messy.


Avoid Puppy Mills & Backyard Breeders

I get concerned when folks call me and ask me why they are seeing Havanese puppies for under a thousand dollars in local papers or even online advertising sites. There are several places where puppies can be purchased; pet stores, backyard breeders, puppy mills or reputable breeders. As a responsible buyer, you must make yourself aware of these different places. 


Breeder Questions

Here is a good list to have on hand when you are talking to a prospective breeder to find your forever puppy.

The Search

Finding a Good Breeder

If this breed has won your heart and you are looking for a little one,  I hope we can provide you with your beautiful Havanese puppy.  However,  if for some reason you cannot get one from KingsKids,  I’ve included some tips to help you find the Right Breeder.  These tips apply to any breed.


Preparing for Your Puppy

Every Puppy from KingsKids Havanese will come with a Puppy Booklet  which includes quite a bit of information on how to properly start out your new puppy.    There are many simple tips such as not allowing the family to act overly excited when you walk in the door and greet your puppy. …

How to Feed

Feeding your New Puppy

There are many questions with a new puppy.  One of the most important is what to feed them.   At KingsKids Havanese we are unique in that our puppies are raised on a raw diet like a dog in nature would eat.  After years of research,   we determined that there was too much evidence to ignore about how much healthier a raw diet was for the dogs….

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