We love our doggies at KingsKids Havanese.  We live by the verse that says “A good man is kind to his animals.”

 Let me introduce you to our canine members of the family.

OUR GIRLS  are absolutely amazing

OUR BOYS  are either champions or have multiple champions in their bloodlines.

AKC KingsKids Chocolate Heart Throb - Teddy

Teddy is an amazing little guy of 9 pounds.  He is very happy,  full of life and has an incredible silky coat.  He is not a champion himself but has 40 champions in his 5 yr  pedigree and you can see it!

AKC Champion Noblegold's Sheldon

Sheldon is a sweet small little boy of 9 pounds.  He loves to sit on a lap!

When breeding with a focus on health, we like to mix up the genetic pool with different bloodlines.     Sheldon will bring that with some very nice lines and nice coats.  His coat is silky soft and we are looking forward to our first litter with this little champion.

AKC Los Perritos Perfect Storm - Sonny

Sonny is a sweet and happy, playful boy.  He has some very nice bloodlines.   He is 10.5 pounds of happy!

OUR GIRLS  are absolutely amazing

AKC KingsKids Smoky Mountain Dreams – Dolly

Dolly is about to be a mommy for the first time in 2020.  She has excellent bloodlines,  a sweet personality and is a quiet and calm 9 pound girl.  Her color will turn more red as she gets older.  she is in her light stage.

Jazzy  is a gorgeous silver  and white Havanese with black tips.  Her colors are stunning.

Jazzy will have a litter late in the year.

She is a very happy, spunky  little girl who melts in our arms when we pick her up. She is perfection itself in a 10 pound package.  She brightens our days with her antics.  She is a beautiful silver girl with attractive markings and her conformation is amazing, right down the line Havanese standard.

AKC KingsKids All Jazzed Up – Jazzy

Jazzy just had her last litter and is retiring. 

Sassy  is just as her name,  bold and sassy.  She is small, 8.5 pounds and full of happy energy.  Her coat is wonderfully silky.   She is a dark Havana brown meaning her black coat has a dilute gene causing a red tint.  This causes her coat to look reddish brown when the sun hits it.   Its beautiful and looks like she is covered in rubies when the sun hits just right.  Away from the sun she looks jet black.  Its uniquely beautiful.  She has excellent conformation

AKC KingsKids Bold and Sassy

AKC Cross’s Surprise – Pretzel

Pretzel is a small chocolate of about 8 pounds.  She has a happy, affectionate personality and loves to be just as close to people as she can be.  She has a healthy energy,  but is not barky and is eager to please.   Her tail is always wagging and her whole body wags with it!  She will have a litter in  late  2019.




AKC KingsKids Chocolate Coco Pebbles

Pebbles is a sweet, easygoing little Chocolate girl with silver highlights.  She is sweet and easygoing.  She is now retired and living the good life.


AKC Mandy –  KingsKids BlueBelle – Retired


Mandy is a beautiful, Irish pied silver sable with multiple colors on cream.  She is super sweet, loves to sit on the couch with us  and loves anyone that comes by.  Her sweet personality is always transferred to her babies along with her amazing good looks and teddy bear face.   She is 12 pounds of happy sweetness with  amazing bloodlines.   She throws amazing colors in her litters.  We kept Dolly, her daughter and are excited to see how she develops.



 AKC CH Liveoak’s Carman Maria– Call-name “Carman” RETIRED

Carman is our foundation female and did well in the show ring,  She was either first or second almost every time walking away with best of winners a couple times too!  She beat out the #5 male dog in the country once and we were very proud of her!   She weighs 12 pounds and is just the right size  for laps!  She is the happiest dog I have ever known and loves people.  She is now retired   and is our couch potato and my shadow.  She gave us some beautiful puppies including Angelina and Lilly and is grandma to Ginger.

She is   always wanting to play fetch and prancing around.  She carries this long fox  toy around  and comes up to me making funny whinny sounds which I’ve learned means pleeeease play fetch with me?!?    How can I resist?



AKC  KingsKids Angelina is now retired and our happy ray of sunshine

Little Angelina is a ball of happiness!  If she could smile I’m sure she wouldangelina on floor

because she is constantly happy about everything!  She’s an absolute riot with an ice cube and just about any toy.  She has a great pedigree and is one of Carman’s babies from her first litter.   She is 9 pounds of pure fun.








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