Is the Havanese a hypoallergenic dog? 


So you are allergic and you want a dog anyway?  Perhaps the Havanese can meet your needs.  The Havanese breed is very good natured and friendly.  Their happy, outgoing personality has made them one of the top-selling breeds in the USA.  They are often called “hypoallergenic dogs” because they have real hair and no undercoat, so they don’t shed.


Dog allergies are sensitivities to dog dander, fur, saliva and urine.  Since a housetrained dog will relieve himself outside,  that leaves dander, fur and saliva as the culprits for most allergy sufferers.  Since Havanese have real hair,  not fur, it eliminates the fur allergy.   Dog dander is plainly dead skin cells that fall off the animal. While every dog has dander –even hairless dogs- the Havanese tend to shed much less of it.  This is because they have real hair and no undercoat so they don’t shed fur and the skin attached to it all over your house.  This dramatically reduces the dander that irritates allergies.  Bathing often can help reduce the small amount of dander that does exist.  Wiping the dog hair down every few days with a damp towel or doggie wipe  will collect any loose dander between baths.   Simply avoiding letting the dog kiss the face or lick you can frequently relieve the problem with the saliva allergy. 


These simple things can often allow someone with allergies to fulfill their dream of having a puppy!    If you are looking for a Havanese puppy,  visit KingsKids Havanese at .  KingsKids Havanese has several customers with allergies that have their dogs and are doing great!    We welcome you into our home to hug and cuddle our dogs and see if this breed will work for you!

KingsKids Havanese is owned and operated by Carol King.  Having loved the Havanese breed for years and having a Maltese as a child,  this loving non-shedding breed was a natural choice.  Being a perfectionist by nature, Carol takes the time and effort and expense necessary to not only get high quality dogs to breed, but give the best of care to them and their little ones.  They are in the house as pets and sit on the couch watching TV and playing with the family like any other family dog. The dogs are kept clean and the house smells great too!   This kind of quality care provides well-adjusted happy puppies for anyone looking for a Havanese.  Find out more about KingsKids Havanese puppies at  You can contact KingsKids Havanese through their website.  Be sure to look at our Available Puppies page and read our customer’s testimonials!

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