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We all consider our dogs like a member of the family.  Seeing to their health is very important.  Below are some articles that may be of help as you strive to keep your Havanese in tip-top shape.

Ear Infections

Ear health is a challenge if if you have a floppy-eared dog like the Havanese. Since the ears are constantly covered by the ear flap, it is a breeding ground for yeast and infection if left unattended.

There is nothing more distressing than seeing your doggie in discomfort trying to scratch and soothe an irritated ear.   There so many things that can throw off the balance and cause the wax to get infected or grow yeast. It stays naturally moist when they have floppy ears so it takes some attention to detail to keep the ears healthy.

There are many ways to treat excess wax and yeast in dog ears.  I am a big proponent of monthly ear washes. I am not a veterinary professional, I am only sharing what has worked for me with my dogs.  If a dog already has yeasty ears, I do this every couple of days.


Ear Washes

  • I start the day before my dogs will get their bath as a preventative. I put several drops of coconut oil in each ear which I massage deeply into the ear being sure to rub into the cartilage that is right by the skull where the ear connects.  This loosens up any gunk that is in there. It works best if you let that sit overnight or for a day before rinsing. It is soothing and the dog won’t be annoyed by the oil.
  • The next day use a store bought ear rinse or you can make your own.  There are many recipes. My favorite mixture is 1/4c water with 1/4 c apple cider vinegar and 1/4c  witch hazel (that helps it dry out and not sit wet in the ear but is much gentler than alcohol). If I have pure  liquid aloe vera around, I add a tablespoon of that. I heat it to a comfortable temperature -about like a shower temperature.  Don’t overheat as it will kill all the good stuff in the apple cider vinegar.
  • I fold a towel and lay it under my dog’s ear to catch the wash as it comes out.  I use a big ear cleaning bulb I get in the baby isle at the grocery to rinse out the ear. After several rinses let him shake the excess liquid out of  the ear. I have cotton balls that I use to dry and wipe any residue in the ear.   You can comfortably get in the folds with that and it will leave the ear nice and clean.  Qtips are dangerous and can cause damage to the sensitive ears so cotton balls are better and are actually more efficient at grabbing and removing dirt than Qtips.  If they already have an infection, you can do this every 2 or 3 days until it clears up. After the ears have a chance to air dry, I put about 2 drops of coconut oil in there again.   Coconut oil is a antifungal and I have had great success in helping prevent the yeast infections from returning by leaving a couple of drops in there.
  • Obviously, if the infection is severe, take your dog to the vet. This advice does not replace the need for your vet,  I am simply my procedure for keeping my doggies ears healthy from ear infections. It works as a great preventative!

 Remember sometimes it’s not just moisture that causes ear issues, it can be an allergen to their food.   If the infections recur often, this is worth investigating.

I found this great article  that has some different cleaning options and information and a natural product to help treat ear issues. Again, I am not a vet,  I’m just sharing some information that has been useful to me. https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/5-home-remedies-for-dog-ear-infections/?utm_campaign=Ear+Remedies+Post+-+Aug.+11th

The Best Vitamins - NuVet

As a dog breeder, animal health is my top priority. That’s why I enthusiastically
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Vaccination Protocalls

At KingsKids Havanese,  we are raising our puppies  with an emphasis on health and  longevity. The holistic community of experts says that our small breed dogs should be living 18-22 years.  Our older generation in America remembers when their pets lived this long and longer.   I personally know a guy that had a 27 year old mixed breed!  Currently; however,  most toy breeds   are reported to have lifespan from 10 to 16 years.   Much research has gone into why this has changed. 

For a healthy life and longevity, one of the main things the holistic veterinarians and health experts agree on – do Not over vaccinate your dog.  According to my research, this is the first or second priority in healthy life extension. 


Before You Vaccinate Your Pet, Be Aware of This Potentially Deadly Autoimmune Disease   
Although the link between over-vaccination and this terrible autoimmune disease may not be recognized by many veterinarians, holistic vets have long suspected the connection. Know the signs – it can cause sudden blindness and is potentially fatal. 

Mercola.com Health Resources, LLC

Also it is important to know about Vaccinosis and the possible symptoms from vaccines and over vaccinating, and that there is a way to detox after a shot. There are several products on the market that will help ‘detox’ a dog/puppy after his/her shot to help pull out the toxins from the necessary vaccines . The one I’m familiar with Anti-Vaccinosis. You should order this before your puppy arrives to have it ready for any vet visit that includes shots. https://market.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/products/anti-vaccinosis     

Take a look at this article:

If you are having problems clicking the address, try to copy and paste it into your browser.

Research on Vaccine Protocals by Dr Schultz and Dr Dodd reveal amazing information on current vaccine protocols.

 Watch this YouTube video.


While it’s a little long and dry to listen to,  please focus as this research will change the way you think about those yearly vaccinations

Many vets nationwide are changing their vaccination protocol because of this and Dr. Jean Dodd’s research. 

This video features research veterinarian, Dr. Schultz, talking about what has been discovered in the past 30 years of vaccination research and explains what is actually needed, not needed, and how we can make sure our pets are still protected by previous vaccinations instead of adding unneeded vaccinations which are harmful.  This verification process is through a blood test called a titer.

 Research shows that protection from one vaccine (rabies, parvo, distemper)can protect our pets for 7-12 years and longer!  Over-vaccination causes tumors/cancer, liver/kidney failure and issues, behavior, skin, and neurological problems and a myriad of other diseases and disorders.  Instead of yearly vaccinations, a titer can verify that previous vaccines are still working!  

My opinion is that just doing this one thing (not over vaccinating) you can add precious years of life to your beloved dog!  For more information on adding even more years to their life,  see Raw Feeding on our website https://kingskidshavanese.com

 You can google Dr. Jean Dodd, to read more of her info.  Its eye opening…




Is the Havanese a hypoallergenic dog?

So you are allergic and you want a dog anyway?  Perhaps the Havanese can meet your needs.  The Havanese breed is very good natured and friendly.  Their happy, outgoing personality has made them one of the top-selling breeds in the USA.  They are often called “hypoallergenic dogs” because they have real hair and no undercoat, so they don’t shed.

Dog allergies are sensitivities to dog dander, fur, saliva and urine.  Since a housetrained dog will relieve himself outside,  that leaves dander, fur and saliva as the culprits for most allergy sufferers.  Since Havanese have real hair,  not fur, it eliminates the fur allergy.   Dog dander is plainly dead skin cells that fall off the animal just like our human skin sheds cells. While every dog has dander –even hairless dogs- the Havanese tend to produce much less of dancer.  This is because a shedding coat pulls out skin cells and spreads them along with the hair.   This dramatically reduces the dander that irritates allergies. 

Bathing often can help reduce the small amount of dander that does exist.  Wiping the dog hair down every morning with a damp towel or doggie wipe  will collect any loose dander between baths.   Simply avoiding letting the dog kiss the face or lick you can frequently relieve the problem with the saliva allergy. 



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