Daisy’s Litter 2023 – 7 weeks

EMMA - Available

EMMA is very friendly and outgoing so far.  She has silver on her face and her daddy’s eyebrows.  She is small compared to her brother so I anticipate her to be around 10 pounds.   $3200

FINNEY - now Sammy ..Chosen by Jen

FINNEY is a total babe and looks just like his daddy.  He is an active, energetic, curious and sweet chocolate boy. He runs up to me anytime I come in the front room.  I anticipate him to hit 11 or 12 pounds when fully grown.    (Finn does have a little fatty tissue over where when his umbilical closed so it feels like a tiny hernia under the skin, but it is not.  It is not noticeable unless you are looking for it and may recede more over time. It is not a health issue at all.)  $3500

Vanna’s Litter 2023 – 5.5 weeks old

These pups are 10 days younger than Daisy’s so their hair will look much like Finney and Emma in 10 more days.

TUCKER - Available

Tucker is a chocolate with nice dark color.  It looks like he will have green eyes, which will be mesmerizing. His eyebrows are slowly coming in and he has a little white on his muzzle and chin.  He is very sweet when doing his exercises.  keep an eye out for more cuteness! I’m estimating adult size at around 10-11 pounds.   $3300

CUBA -Available

Cuba is a beautiful black and white.  He does have some tan eyebrows coming in and a little tan on his cheeks.   He really loves his Mommy and loves to cuddle with her.  He is very affectionate and social with people. I’m estimating adult size at around 11 pounds.   $3100

DUNCAN - now DESI chosen by Art and Lisa

Duncan Is a very sweet and calm chocolate with (upcoming) green eyes.   He is only 5.5 weeks old in this picture so a lot more cuteness will follow!! His markings are very splashy.  He is a chocolate and I’m estimating adult size at around 11 pounds.   $3400

SAWYER - Chosen by Leah

Sawyer is a beautiful little chocolate.  He has nice markings and a lovely relaxed, well balanced personality.   I’m estimating adult size at around 11 pounds.   $3300

COOKIE - Chosen by Patricia

Cookie is a sweet, curious, happy little girl.  She is dark chocolate with gorgeous markings that will turn the heads of anyone you walk by!   She has become quite a looker  and  She will be gorgeous.  I’m estimating adult size at around 10-11 pounds.   $3500

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