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If this breed has won your heart and you are looking for a little one,  I hope we can provide you with your beautiful Havanese puppy.  However,  if for some reason you cannot get one from KingsKids,  I’ve included some tips to help you find the Right Breeder.  These tips apply to any breed.

Finding a Breeder

The most important thing in getting a new puppy for your home is who you get it from.  So many people go to a pet store where the puppies are  supplied almost 100% by puppy mills where the animals are treated horribly.  You’ve seen the commercials and news articles.  Its a cruel existence for these dogs and their puppies.  As much as those sad little ones need a home,  the folks adopting them will find it a daunting task to help the puppy overcome the problems brought on by such an upbringing.  The health issues that are sure to follow can be a hard hit on family finances.   There are many people with hearts of gold that take in these rescues after they are seized by authorities.  God bless each and every one!

Many search the internet or the newspaper looking for a breeder.  Havanese are becoming quite popular and are not an innexpensive breed at all.  Reputable breeder start at $2000 and I”ve seen them go up to $3500 for companion puppies (that means no breeding rights).   The reason for the cost is we spend a great deal of money to get high quality adults that have great bloodlines and look like they are supposed to look.  The health testing on a dog before breeding  is very expensive.   Most breeders do not care or research what the health issues in their breed are and they just think if they are sweet they will produce great puppies.  NOT SO!   The quality of the parent is vital to producing great, healthy puppies with the proper temperament.  Proper care of the adults before, during and after breeding is also expensive and time consuming.  Proper care and socialization of the puppies is absolutely vital and again, very expensive and time consuming.

You are on my page,  so clearly,  I am a bit biased about my own puppies!!  I truly believe them to be the best!   However,  perhaps you are in central or western US or in another country, so I hope these tips can help you locate a breeder.

1.  Find a Havanese club in your area.  Most of the Havanese Clubs cover several states,  but their websites often have listings of breeders.  Once you narrow it down to one that is close enough to you,  use the breeder questions I have in the Articles page.  This will help you narrow down who you want to deal with and who you don’t.

2. Be aware that many disreputable breeders are very good sales people.  They have learned exactly what to say to get you to buy a puppy from them.   Go see them in person.    See the dogs and the puppies- if they have any at the time.  If they are not being raised in the home and clean and happy. Run!  If you get an uneasy feeling in your gut, Run!  If  you find them in a garage or an outbuilding.  RUN!  My article “How to Avoid Puppy Mills & Backyard Breeders” will help in narrowing the field to the good ones.

3.  Remember to check reviews online.  Some of them change the name of the business,  but if you look up their personal name + the word Havanese,  you will usually find any complaints that have been filed against them.  Sometimes you have to add the city, for example:   John Smith Havanese + Indianapolis, In.    You may not find positive reviews because most of those are  sent to the breeder and placed on their website,  but if someone had a horrible experience,  you can bet you will find that!

If I cannot provide you with your Havanese,  using the breeder questions, visiting the breeders home  and checking reviews will help you find a breeder to meet your need.

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