Jazzy’s Litter Summer 2020

Ellie is a sweetie.  She is small and will likely be around 8lbs.  She is quiet and easygoing but affectionate and playful.  She will silver out over most of her body but has some tan on her face to add a bit of color.    $2700

Sawyer is a total babe.  He is gorgeous and always happy, talking and curious.  He is active at play but probably the most likely to be a lapdog personality.  He is bigger and I estimate he will be around 11 pounds.  $2600.00

Lucy is a happy little girl with playful energy but not spastic.  She has a nice level of energy and beautiful  points on her cheecks and eyebrows.  She should be around 9 pounds when grown.   Her color will silver out like her Mom with touches of black against bright white.    $2700.00

Winston is our little social bee.  He was the first to walk and first to show social skills.   He is happy and easygoing but with a nice level of play energy.    He will be around 9-10 pounds;  he’s pretty small and looks lilke he will take after his daddy.   He has  a lot of jet black  but hints of gray coming through.  He has daddy’s eyebrows.  His markings are gorgeous!  $2600.00

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