Daisy and Sassy Litters  Fall 2020

Daisy and Teddy

Daisy and Teddy’s    litter are growing and learning!

NOTE:  The nose pigment will continue to fill out but you can see what color they will be now!

  Both litters are only 4 days apart and can go home between Dec 18 and 20.  Several days before Christmas is best for them to settle in before the holiday festivities.  I’ve kept my prices down though  many breeders are price gouging up to 5000 for a puppy due to the shortage!   They still get the same love and care!

$ 2600.00-2850.00

ZELDA – Female  2700

Zelda is the biggest pup in the litter, so even though she is a girl, I expect her to top out around 10 to 11lbs also.  She is super social and was the first to wag her tail and want to interact.  She is always kissing me.

YOSHI – Male 2800

Yoshi is a chocolate with beautiful markings and a nice laid back personality.   I anticipate weight at around 10 to 11 lbs.

PIXEL – Female 2850

Pixel is a sweet thing.  She is a little bossy, but nice!   She is small and I anticipate her size at around 9lbs.

LUIGI – Male 2700

Luigi is my laid back boy in this litter.  He is easygoing and just goges with the flow.  He should weigh in at around 10lbs.

Sassy and Sonny

Sassy and Sonny’s babies are also doing great!

NOTE:  The nose pigment will continue to fill out but you can see what color they will be now!

Yahtzee – Male 2700

Yahtzee is my little eager beaver.  He is super affectionate and involved and curious.  Very easygoing so far.  He should top our around daddy’s size at 11lbs.

Bingo– Male 2700

Bingo is my sweet quiet boy so far.  He cuddles nicely when I pick him up.  He is the smallest in the litter and will probably be Sassy’s size at 9lbs or so.   He has a little white chin like his mommy and may be developing slight silver eyebrows.

Jackpot – Male 2700

Jackpot  is a gorgeous white chocolate with dark pigment.  He will likely be cream with   gold on his ears and back and over his eye.  He is a sweet little thing and loves to play and wrestle with his brothers.  He should be around 10 to 11lbs.

Lucky– Male 2800

Lucky is sweet and quiet so far.  He gets little bursts of energy and just takes off like a rocket (as fast as his pudgy legs can move as of now).  I anticipate him at his dads size around 10 to 11 lbs.

ACE – Male 2700

Ace is a gorgeous white chocolate with light pitment. His nose will fill in to a light liver color when done.  I anticipate his eyes will be green but may turn amber.  He is a little social bee and the life of the party.  It was hard to get his pictures because he wanted to climb into my hand!  He should be around 10 to 11lbs.

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